INTRAPID Project - UNIPA and KCC discuss software engineering solutions to laser ultrasonic inspections | 23-MAY-12


Excellent progress in the INTRAPID project was made during the week of 7-11 May on the software engineering solutions to laser ultrasonic inspections. Dr Bin Luo and SP Santospirito, Kingston Computer Consultancy Limited (KCC) visited Professor Donatella Cerniglia and research post grad Carmelo Mineo, Unversity of Palermo (UNIPA) to view the laser ultrasonic inspections of the INTRAPID samples and also generally discuss how to integrate the laser ultrasonic NDT inspections within the INTRAPID system workflow.

The team resolved many issues in both the thermoelastic and ablative regimes as the extremely small inspection size of the samples (300 micron target area) presented many challenges.

A modular software solution was discussed that would manage the entire inspection process including all three of the NDT techniques (laser ultrasonic, laser thermography, eddy current) and the specific requirements for the laser ultrasonic prototype system were agreed.

There was just time in the evening to visit the wonderful street markets and sample the spaghetti alle vongole but there was no time to visit the beautiful Cappella Palatina at the Palazzo dei Normanni - but, hopefully, we can see them next visit for the Month 12 meeting in September when we are aiming to demonstrate the first software prototype!