LPW Technology offers a complete range of quality products and services relating to metal powders and wire to the Aerospace, Turbine, Medical, and Petrochemical industries. LPW powders and wire are used in TIG welding, laser cladding, laser and electron beam additive manufacture, HVOF, Plasma Spray, Cold Spray, and Plasma Powder Atomisation. They have particular expertise in metal powders for laser cladding and additive manufacturing. The company was established in the UK in 2007 and now has sales offices established in the USA and Singapore.

LPW will draw on experience gained from several years of working with powders for additive manufacture, both as a user and as a manufacturer and supplier. Typically, a powder manufacturer specialises in the supply of powder made through a single specific process. LPW has detailed knowledge of most of the established powder methods of manufacturer. This provides an in-depth balanced expertise that is necessary for users of this technology to exploit it efficiently and permit true industrial wealth generation. This includes evaluation of different manufacturers, processes, alloys and specifications.